"As a multiple Emmy winner, the music I submit must be of the highest quality.  Working with Mark Keefner as a co-writer and producer has always brought that level of quality and professionalism to every project. Two thumbs up for Waymo Music!"
 - Gloria Sklerov

Gloria Sklerov has been a professional songwriter for over 25 years and has had songs cut by many top artists including Kenny Rogers, Cher, Kim Carnes and Jeffrey Osborne. She has won numerous Emmys and BMI awards.

Please note: Gloria has developed an awesome wedding planning company, so if you are thinking about tying the knot, check out her site!  weddingmusiccentral.com

Opportunities for Artists & Songwriters!

At Waymo Music and Sound Design we've worked with singers, songwriters and recording artists of all styles. With our studio in Los Angeles, we've created opportunities for you to work with top notch professionals and record your music in a focused & creative environment.

Let's suppose you're a singer/songwriter in need of a high quality recording. We can provide musicians to perform your song as well as production assistance. We even offer mastering services. And if you're a songwriter not living in Los Angeles - we can create an entire CD Quality recording using our staff of talented musicians and producers.

We call these special recording opportunities MASTERTRAX. Select one of the links below to explore our services and listen to Waymo Artists & Clients.